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Guest Room飯店住宿

  • Sun-Link-Sea Hotel


    Sun-Link-Sea Hotel as a fusion of modern and elegant neoclassical building, in addition to having 129 cozy, simple rooms and three VIP rooms, it also offers free broadband internet, gym, souvenir shop and SPA shop. And every room in the hotel attached to the breakfast, dim sum, coffee tea bags, high texture shower gel, shampoo and so on, and with wired broadband Internet access, heater, top bathroom wet and dry separation equipment, caring bedside controller and so on.

    Sun-Link-Sea Hotel

  • Theme Hall


    Theme Hall mainly for economic warm bright design. Offers 227 rooms, a gym, KTV, and according to room comes with breakfast, Sun-Link-Sea tea, high texture milk bath, shampoo, another room with wireless Internet access, LCD TV, heater, tea equipment.

    Theme Hall

  • Log Cabin


    In European style, quiet single-family chalet embrace the whole piece of green, and with gurgling water. Features 34 rooms and comes according to room breakfast, Sun Link Sea tea, high texture shower gel, shampoo, additionally equipped with heaters and televisions and other equipment.

    Log Cabin

  • Broad wood Huts


    Broad wood huts, European style, establish 12 rooms.

    Broad wood Huts


The light and shadows in the forest, the fish swimming in the water, the flow of the stream, the birds chanting.
Relax in the natural sound and relaxed surroundings.

Dream with a deep heart to accompany the wind and the cloud to travel, to wander to enjoy the freedom of exile?
The beauty of Sun-Link-Sea calls you!